Monday, 30 July 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho..London Lockdown Day 2

So it was off to work this morning and while some media have been claiming the London Underground was half empty, that wasn't my experience travelling from East Ham to Cannon Street. Normally, I can get a seat, today I couldn't.

Many of the immigrant workers were going in as usual - presumably no one told them they could work at home or take time off. For them, it was business as usual and a salutary lesson as to how much or how little the Olympics has invaded parts of the national consciousness.

I got to Waterloo and on to work without incident but the journey back again featured a crowded Tube from Cannon Street. The District Line is being widely advertised as a route to the Olympic Park (as distince from the C2C trains).

I'm prepared to concede today has gone reasonably well in transport terms aided by an absence of signal failures or "passenger action" but it's only one day and to hail this as some kind of achievement is absurdly premature. We have, for example, yet to have any events at the main Olympic Stadium and the Triathlon is yet to take place.

So far, so good may be an apt maxim for the end of day two. Tomorrow, I'm off further afield.

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