Thursday, 22 November 2012

It's About Freedom, Stupid...

Of all the volumes of analysis in the American media blogsphere following the Presidential election, this is by far the most erudite and accurate answer to the question of why the Republicans lost the Presidential election. It's also a salutary lesson to the anti-Coalition Conservatives who absurdly claim the only viable agenda is pro-business and pro-enterprise.

Economic freedom cannot be divorced from social and political freedom. There is a strong whiff of social authoritarianism among the anti-Coalition Right as witnessed by attitudes on gay marriage and paternity.maternity leave. In addition, social freedoms are subjugated to the pro-business agenda in terms of pay equality and adequate salary provisions for the lowest-paid.

As the American election showed, people might want economic growth and might wish to support business growth and enterprise  but not at the cost of fundamental social freedoms. It's another example of the victory of liberalism over the forces of conservatism.

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