Monday, 20 February 2012

I Don't Wanna Talk About It...

Politicalbetting is a rather rancourous place these days. Long-standing posters are flouncing off (much as I did once) while the established clique of pro-Conservative posters who seem not only to be on the site for hours at a time (what do they do for a life?) and but also feel they have to comment on every nuance of every post (especially when another poster dares to contradict or argue against the Conservative viewpoint) are annoyed that the site no longer is simply home to people wishing to make snide and waspish anti-Labour or anti-Liberal Democrat posts but has become a forum for debate about Scotland and Scottish independence.

The problem for the pro-Conservative majority is that the Scottish Nationalist posters are street fighters who won't bow under pressure or criticism. The moderator of the site, Mike Smithson, finds himself caught in the crossfire and it's an unenviable situation.

That's the problem with forums dominated by small cliques of like-minded people who dominate the site for hours at a time.

Perhaps restricting ALL posters to just three posts in any 24-hour period might be a good idea as self-control and self-discipline, virtues of which the Right-minded should be proud, don't seem to be factors.

Oh, and in case I forgot, Scotland - I wish I cared, really I wish I cared but I don't. I've no time or love for the Union and if a majority of Scots choose to leave, so be it. I'm sure an amicable separation can be achieved if that's what people want but it's not worth two years of wailing or gnashing of teeth, flounces or the destruction of a perfectly good forum.

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