Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Time to Reflect...

Unlike those who feel they have to keep the world informed of every idea (or someone's else idea) that passes through their cerebellum whether by tweeting, blogging or going on to forums like Political Betting and repeating their turgid ill-considered nonsense ad nauseam, I've had nothing much to say over the past month so I've not bothered the world.

I've been on the wonderful writing my two British political counterfactuals and engaging with a much thoughtful and interesting crowd. The Politics Forum has its share of nitwits from whom an insult is as close to a reasoned argument as they can get.

I've been trying to compose my thoughts on the Coalition - A Year On. The thing is, I can't decide what to say. It's so much a work in progress that I'm going to wait a year or so before passing judgement. There's little point trying to engage a lot of the morons in the blogsphere. This is the problem with the Internet - it may open our eyes but it doesn't open our minds.

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