Sunday, 17 April 2011

AV - What's Your Position?

Let's get to the point - the AV referendum isn't about electoral systems - it's about sex because HOW your vote says a lot about the kind of sexual society you live in and how guilty/repressed/free when it comes to sex.

First Past The Post: This is the option for those who feel guilty or repressed about sex. It's quick, you soon know the outcome and you don't have to worry about it again for four or five years.

It's all safe, monogamous and uncomplicated.

Alternative Vote: This is the system for the more adventurous. You get to choose not only your partner but your fantasy gets a go as you get to choose who else you want to be with.

You can rank them in terms of performance and you win whether your first choice wins or your second choice. It's the system for the flirt, the risk-taker, the person who wants to appear respectable but deep down likes a bit of sleaze.

Single Transferrable Vote: For the sexually liberated society, this is the system for you. Plenty of partners, plenty for choice, choose one or choose all and the good thing is, you get to have plenty of tries because STV means plenty of elections and plenty of votes.

So, it's FPTP for the sexually repressed, AV for the guilty and STV for the liberated swinger.

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