Monday, 13 December 2010

We Want to Break Free...

An interesting report cited on has piqued my curiousity. The report looks at the regional inbalances across the United Kingdom and concludes, not unreasonably, that London and the South contribute to the UK economy while everyone else are net "takers" from the economic pot.

It occurred to me that instead of Scotland or Wales talking about independence, the real debate should be over whether London and the South should go it alone.

Imagine an independent Wessex (let's call it that for now) incorporating the City and the south of England. It would have a vibrant economy, would presumably stay outside the EU and become a low-tax high-earning centre - a kind of Switzerland-on-Thames as it were but blessed with a generally temperate climate and a perpetual conservative or liberal Government.

It could change its timezone to be in synch with the rest of Western Europe and already has excellent transport infrastructure which would be augmented by Crossrail.

Sounds an attractive option...

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