Monday, 7 December 2009

Tories to be left “Hanging” ?


Although polls published in the Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times today suggest a solid Conservative lead of around 13%, a couple of polls earlier in the week suggested a narrowing of the Tory lead and that produced a wave of near-hysterical palpitations among the Conservative majority on

In addition, the pro-Conservative members of the financial press, including Allister Heath, Editor of City-AM, jumped on a report from Morgan Stanley suggesting a Hung Parliament would precipitate a major financial crisis.

Needless to say, this is all about scare-mongering and trying to frighten people into voting Conservative and, as such, it’s pretty poor politics.

The truth, as those who engaged me in debate on last week, were happy to demonstrate that for Conservatives it’s all about power and power for them alone. It’s NOT about sharing power or providing good governance for the people of Britain – it’s all about them having all the power and lording it over everyone else.

I posed them the obvious question – given a choice between a coalition with the Liberal Democrats and others or another five years in Opposition, which would you choose ? For all too many, the choice was Opposition.

Incredible as it may seem, they would rather condemn the country to months of uncertainty and political paralysis rather than engaging with other parties. Indeed, one of the herd went as far as to say that if the electorate failed to give them a mandate to govern outright, they would “deserve all they get”.

So, there we have it….if you want a protracted period of financial instability and political crisis and a party that cares more about power for itself than doing anything for the people of Britain, go ahead and vote Conservative !!

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