Monday, 23 March 2009

Happy Birthday PoliticalBetting

It's the fifth birthday of today and the august (or should that be march ?) occasion is being marked by a party at the National Liberal Club this evening.

Unfortunately, my recent spell of ill-health prevents me from attending but I hope everyone enjoys the evening which I'm sure will be in the best spirit of the site - informed, constructive and well-mannered debate.

I've stopped posting but look in periodically. Regrettably, incisive wit has now been replaced by personal abuse and constructive debate by repetitive ranting. Anyone expressing a pro-Labour or anti-Conservative viewpoint is routinely hounded by a cadre of attack dogs from the more disagreeable fringes of political activism. That's not to say those opposed to the Tories are all saints - far from it but the vitriol poured on Nick Palmer MP and the few others who dare to suggest the Conservatives and David Cameron might not be this country's best hope of salvation is symptomatic more, I suspect, of the anxieties of the pro-Cameron camp.

Election night 2010 (presumably) will be a pretty raucous occasion but it will be fascinating to see how develops once there is a change of Government. Will it be so easy for those who have spent the last couple of years berating everything the Government says or does into defenders or apologists for Government policy ?

We'll see...

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