Friday, 5 September 2008

Can Cameron see the future in London ?

David Cameron may be hoping that his Conservative Government will enjoy an extended honeymoon if elected in June 2010. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has enjoyed a similar honeymoon culminating in his show-stealing performance at the Beijing Olympics.

However, the honeymoon has been abruptly ended by the announcement from TFL, now run by Mayor Johnson, that bus and tube fares will rise 6% from January. For hard-pressed families in the throes of a recession and facing much higher food prices, a 6% rise in transport costs (with more likely to follow from the train operators) has gone down spectacularly badly.

Newspaper comment and vox pop interviews have shown considerable anger and disillusionment directed toward Boris Johnson despite Johnson's attempts to blame his predecessor Ken Livingstone.

Winning elections and waving flags is the easy bit - taking and explaining the hard decisions is the difficult bit. I wonder whether David Cameron is looking forward to his first "real" decisions in two years time.

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