Monday, 9 June 2008

I Hate This Time of Year..

In common with approximately three million other British people, I suffer from hayfever. June is the month from hell for both me and Mrs Stodge. Nights of poor sleep, endless sneezing and nose blowing, itchy eyes and a general feeling of fatigue and washed out-ness.

Relief is a cool, wet day - others may complain, but for me it's paradise so let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. From mid-July, the symptoms ease and I can enjoy summer again.

Every year I ask myself why I don't spend June somewhere say desert Southern California or San Diego, my favourite place.

I'm convinced my hayfever is linked to pollution. When I was younger, a week in Cornwall afforded a deal of relief but no longer. I have to get to about twenty yards from the sea before I notice any improvement. The pollution is pervasive and when the pollen and pollutants are combined with a still day and/or high temperatures, the results are dreadful.

There is no longer a pollen "count" and London is "high" almost every day once the season starts. The amount of pollen has increased possibly as a result of the ubiquitous rapeseed.

Anyway, enjoy the summer and spare a thought for those friends, colleagues and family members who are sniffing and sneezing this week.

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